One thought on “kohistan

  1. Another great tranche of clips from the soul-catcher. If Eastman thought it was a vanity device he invented, he was mistaken. This is exactly what everyone needs. Powerful images to remind us of how linked we are.

    To digress, I would swear Pashtun played Abdullah, the RPG wielding jihadist, in Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam. The movie was hard to sit through and being sensitive to my neighbors, I was embarrassed enough to tone down the audio from time to time particularly when the Islamic declaration praising HIM for greatness preceded a violent scene.

    Besides, staring down at the abyss of Haasan’s script, albeit one that unnecessarily gravitates towards the star, fiction is often replaced by unassailable logic when Pashtun jumps out of the mess and slaps you hard.

    It is not ‘just a dance movie’ as Haasan peddles it to be, but a stark documentary with a Fast Five kung-fu fringe. Essentially, Haasan brings to the table a raw take of the creed currently running Afghanistan and other hotspots and a plausible ‘suitcase’ scenario a minority could impose upon any liberal society.

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